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Furthur Foundation

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For nearly 25 years, the Furthur Foundation has been giving money to progressive non-profit groups working on environmental and social change issues in the Bay Area and around the world.

We focus on smart-thinking groups that are small and close to their target---groups that know their business, share our politics, and spend the money carefully, without a lot of bells and whistles, overhead, and wasted effort.

Our working capital is a series of donations from Bobby Weir, given in the 80s, as well as many donations from good and like-minded people like you that stream in throughout the year. This allows the Board to grant anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 each fall.

Our braintrust on the Board of Directors is a great group of far-sighted volunteers, including Carolyn Garcia, Grateful Dead family member since the beginning; Andre Carothers, Chair of the Board of the Rainforest Action Network and founder of the Rockwood Leadership Institute; Ray Palmarini, visionary businessman, financial consultant and CPA; Christina Desser, former California Coastal Commission boardmember, and founder of Women’s Voices, Women Vote; and of course, Bob Weir, musician, philanthropist and hot sauce aficionado.
The foundation is managed and directed by Andre Carothers. The financial and accounting side of the foundation is overseen by a team of generous and talented volunteers, including financial adviser (and Board member) Ray Palmarini, Lorne Abramson, co-founder of ELM Advisors, a portfolio and wealth management company; an accounting team led by Tim Jorstad, and attorney Jeffrey Ehlenbach.

Unbroken Chain Foundation

Furthur Foundation

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...a link in the chain of giving

The Unbroken Chain Foundation is an all volunteer organization. Our goal is to make our fundraising auctions and events happen with minimal overhead costs, so that more of the money raised from the events goes to worthwhile nonprofit organizations.

Created in the spring of 1997 by Phil Lesh and friends, the Unbroken Chain Foundation is a nonprofit organization which seeks to perpetuate the long-standing tradition of community service that has been the hallmark of the remarkable three-decade relationship between the Grateful Dead and its audience.

The foundation's mission is to generate support for, and public awareness of, groups and individuals that bring hope and inspiration to communities where great need exists, and to create partnerships of people working together for a common good, especially in such areas as the arts, education and the environment.

The board members of Unbroken Chain Foundation are heartened by the response to our mission and benefit shows. UBC is YOU.

We are committed to looking for ways to promote music, togetherness and good deeds: creating new Links in the Chain. It is your energy, enthusiasm and interest that encourages us and helps direct our course.

We see our events as a way to keep the energy and good feelings radiating while continuing to help worthwhile organizations. Unbroken Chain can only continue on this road as long as it's fun, we have your support, and we can help others. Please, keep the feedback coming. Your comments and suggestions are most helpful in charting our course, and we respond to thoughtful, constructive comments and discussion as time permits.

Unbroken Chain Board Members

  • Bruce Burman
  • Nancy Culhane
  • Clare Henjum
  • Peggy Henjum
  • J.C. Juanis
  • Jill Lesh
  • Jonathan Levine
  • Roseanna Lourdeaux
  • Kathy Sunderland
  • Cydney Tune


Advisory Board Members

  • Phil Lesh
  • Sid Levy
  • Wally Lourdeaux


Guiding Light

  • Goldie Rush